Stoning: Bimbo Queens Dazzles in New Pictures

Stoning: Bimbo Queens Dazzles in New Pictures

“Fast rising act and model Bimbo Queens has been involved in lots of activities these days as she is set to break into the scene with powerful moves.
Just as she changed her look did she feature in photo sessions for
 Pristine Glam Fashion  a Clothing, Hair and Accessories outlet
And Kinah Beauty who specializes in  Makeup and Accessories as brand face respectively.
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She really dazzles in these new photos and have been receiving lots of positive vibes and comments from fans this also reflects on her social media pages as she gains more followers organically.
In a statement by one of the bands  representative “We made the right choice making BimboQueens one of our brand faces, her vibe is unquenchable and since the process took place we have experience positive outcome”
For more update check https://bimboqueens.com/
See photos below:




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