Vybz Kartel issues statement to fans following not guilty verdict 5 years ago

5 Years Ago Vybz Kartel Issues Statement To Fans Following Not Guilty Verdict

As the wheels of the Justice system slowly turns in the favour of embattled deejay Adijah “Vybz Kartel” Palmer, a “Not Guilty” verdict on his first case has left him with a Cheshire Cat-esque smile painted across his face as he looks optimistically towards his pending second case.

Vybz Kartel on that day, July 24th, was officially found not guilty in the murder of St. Catherine businessman Barrington “Bossy” Burton.


He was charged with conspiracy to murder, possession of a firearm, and murder in October 2011 after a burned body, DNA-matched to Burton, was found in a residence that “Vybz Kartel” was known to visit/own. In an intimate interview with his attorney Christian Tavares-Finson, he spoke candidly on the case and his optimistic viewpoint on being granted bail for “Vybz Kartel” and successfully walking away from the second case.

“Every time we went with an application for bail for “Vybz Kartel” we heard that they had ‘new evidence against him” to strengthen the prosecution’s statement and none of it turn out to be true,” Tavares-Finson explains.

“We brought that to the attention of the judge and he said ‘well he has another murder case’ so he’s left with only one.

None of what the prosecution said is true and we’re of the belief that “this time around” he should be afforded bail.

And we actually looked at Burton’s case as the more challenging of the two, so as far as we’re concern the highest mountain is now behind us and we’re very optimistic for the next case”.

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In a handwritten note from “Vybz Kartel”, he thanks his true supporters who stuck with him from the outset as he looks ahead to battle-out the second case successfully and finally close these chapters of his life.

Transcript: “I had the utmost confidence from the outset as I knew I was being used as a scapegoat as usual because of my image and content and some of my music.

Firstly I want to thank my attorneys Tom and Christian Tavares-Finson, my family, my baby mother Shorty and all my fans for their continued support in my trying times.”

– Adidja Palmer “Worl’ Boss”

Vybz Kartel returned Home Circuit Court in November for trial in relation to the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.



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